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24 August 2011 @ 12:01 am
Has it seriously been almost a year from my last post?
That fact is almost ridiculous but almost makes sense because i was using graphics as a reason to keep posting.

I haven't really had the time to create icons, hence the lack of updates. I did actually craft up a Tumblr account recently, so i could post up images of what i was currently watching. One to keep me using photoshop and two to show how much of a tv series whore i am becoming.

Either way Uni and my part time job has kept me overly busy. I plan to get back into iconing. Heck maybe even some wallies when i get the chance, i can never find a decent wallpaper these days!

I will definitely come back with a proper update, i only ever lurk communities these days, with sparing comments. I deserve a slap on the wrist!

For now i shall leave it at this, and return with goodies and talk of my adventures!

I went to Paris and Prague! Can anyone say SM Town? I can!!
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So seriously, when was the last time i posted? Whoops... Time literally does just slip on by! But what can i say, apart from 'that's life'.

To cut this short because i'm at the dining table preparing to eat some good 'ol british food, i haven't done much. The whole summer was spent working back at the office to save money for a trip abroad with the university, which also included funding for the passport to get there, oh and a provisional license. First weekend into being back at Uni though, i spent the majority of my planned funding on a mac book pro, typical. What can i say? I'm happy with my purchase, even though it cost a damn lot.

Currently i'm swimming through Uni work by the bucket load. We've been given a module whilst also on Work placements for another full module and it's killing me because my brain is slow to pull out ideas.
Anyone got ideas towards technology in 2020? Before you jump the band wagon and start screaming holograms to me, we were all pretty much on that pathway. Star Wars!! Omo! Fufufu, dorks 8B.

This will be a painful one and a half weeks following. Over and out!
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14 July 2010 @ 08:39 pm
With lack of anything else to post, here's a chibi attempt of myself wearing my new Superdry hoodie with the hood up. I've been living in the damn thing since i got it, it's so bloody comfy & soft! >D

I've been off from Uni for roughly three weeks? And i'm starting to lose my mind. I've cleverly put a lump sum of Squid (Money) into the bank to prevent myself from spending. Which, might i add was genius of me because the rest that i left for myself is dying down within seconds. I keep buying clothes! Not good! When did i turn into such a girl? D:
I was supposed to splash out on YesAsia, hmn... maybe i'll have to settle for one mini album for now... Of course i know which one! :3

I'm also at the worst point of my summer. I'm out of Moolah (Money, again), which means i can't do my Uni work (idiot). Also, i'm out of my creative zone. I'm finding it very difficult to draw anything right now... everything turns out to be rather shite. I've also managed to write one fic, post it and then get no inspiration for anything else. D:

THANKGOD work called me back in. I don't think i've ever been so happy about the prospect of working xD (i'm not that lazy, honest >>). Although, first day back i did realise i'm quite rowdy. All the noise in the office comes from me >>;, poor people that have to put up with me... which includes who's ever FLists i'm spamming right now.

I shall apologise and stop here!

/Side note; G.Na's Debut PV&Song is gorgeous, her voice @_@ *bottles it*
Doojoon's mouth & Junhyung (as a whole) :Q.
Plus, Yoseob&Gayoons cover of G.Na's 'If you want a lover?' is adorbs, and i might steal his hands.
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As you can see i've been mooching through AF lately.
I usually focus of photoshoots and MVs alone but i once i started cropping one random image for myself i ended up cropping more and more! Typical.

Anyway, there a few weeks old, so there's plenty more to come! >D


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I don't really listen to F.Cuz /gets bricked. I think i'm still too deep into my B2st zone to bother climbing back out yet, it's too comfortable down here. Pfshaw, i'll stop listening to them when i've perfected Junhyung's rap and my ears start bleeding.
Anyhoot- These are for my Chae-chi who is a Kan fangirl, bless. But it seems she's been squeeing over MBlaq's Leader lately, so i'm not sure if these will have any point.

Either way, it's my first F.Cuz set, enjoy Chae~!


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Textures; chaoticfae
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26 June 2010 @ 02:49 pm
A quick batch of Beastly icons~kekeke (My first batch, actually >>;)


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26 June 2010 @ 12:10 am
That's right, i'm up to my old tricks. Tearing a PV to pieces by attempting to make icons and ending up with too many!

This is possibly my second batch of The Gazette PV icons back on '08 and another set back in '07 of some form of photoshoot. Simply put, it's been a while. Hopefully these are better than those from the previous times, you judge.

Oh, and let me know if you think i've gone a little overboard. I'm playing with the idea of doing this to more of their PVs at some point or other, not sure which one next though.

Side note. This PV was a bitch to screenshot.


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Screenshots; Myself~yo!
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24 June 2010 @ 11:43 pm
Holy clouds!
I'm back!
...with icons.

That's right people who somehow manage to stumble upon this entry. I'm back in action, not sure for how long. But to cut to the chase it's now summer break, which usually means for me, Arashi. Yes. They somehow seem to get me through the summer alive, if not somewhat wired by their overly happy, glittery music and personalities.

Anyway, i've been browsing through the wonderful communities for juice and we got a winner, 2010/05's WinkUp is our first victim. Enjoy~~


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Scans; pornvilai
Textures; chaoticfae
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22 June 2010 @ 03:37 pm
so, after sprucing? up my computers desktop, i figured seeing as i had some icons laying about that i generally need to get round to posting- i need to give my LJ a quick cover up.

You guessed right. Time to change the banner! You have be be silly if you think i'm going to change the layout, 1 i'm lazy (didn't you know?), 2 i actually like this layout/theme/style D:

Anyway, after i started on something basic i eventually started to tackle something a little more difficult, 'cos i'm hopeless like that. My current bias/obsession ( D: ) is beast/B2st. I apologise Arashi, Kpop is starting to own my soul!~

Typically of me, when i eventually made it i ended up crafting around 15 variations...

Under le cut~♪Collapse )
In the end i couldn't decide which on i preferred, so i chose one of my favourites for now - but i still have all of the others saved for when i want to swap it around for a refresher! :D

Naturally, the same happened for my profile banner. So i've done the same, kekeke, aren't i clever?

Now i can change things according to my mood, even though they're all under the same theme/style.

Do you think i've lost my marbles?
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21 June 2010 @ 02:52 pm
Oh snap!

That's right, it's the summer time.
Let's kick back relax, get a bit of sunshine, watch my money dwindle away in rapid ammounts and make lots of graphics!!
To start off with, here's a little glimpse of my new Desktop. Yes. I've been introduced to the wonders of Rainmeter. How amazing is it?!

I've kept it to one of the defult skins because, i'll be honest, i liked it. There, i said it. With a few typical Yooker-esque tweaks here and there and a few add ons, WHABAM this is the result. And i'm rather proud of it at the moment.

Any thoughts? Yes? No? I like the colour grey? Yes... i'm dull like that.

I've been thinking about this journal and cleaning out the clutter of it and my Photobucket account. Getting rid of some old icons, possibly making space for plenty more such things.
Not 100% sure if/when i'll get to it but i saw a batch of old ones the other night and was disgusted at the quality of them~ Pah, we have to start somewhere aye?

Anyhoot, over and out for now munchkins~
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